West Greenwich Gets Even Posher…


Angie has just told me we will be getting a Pound Shop in the beautiful arcade that houses Somerfield and The Wimpy Bar. Apparently it will be in the old video store.

I just wrote, then deleted, a whole sarcastic passage about how charming it will be and how disappointed I am there isn’t a strip club and an amusement arcade to go with it. Actually, it isn’t very funny. How come developers are only too happy to tear down old, interesting buildings (for example the Stockwell Street warehouses – ok, not pretty, but fascinating) and yet ignore the one area that could be bulldozed with very few tears shed? A nasty grim, grey concrete monstrosity, which if its grotty old carpark doesn’t look like a ghost town out of a western is only because the litter beat the tumbleweed to it, full of abandoned shops and desolate-looking offices, surely it would be in everyone’s interests to just buy-out the few remaining tenants and rebuild something worth having?

It’s rare you’ll ever hear me calling for a demolition – but in this case I would say good riddance. Greenwich deserves better than this apology for a shopping arcade.

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