Squeaky-Clean Phantom

Showing off a little here, guys. I’ve been invited to be immortalised by the British Library’s web-archiving scheme – which seems pretty cool to me. It means that they take periodic ‘snapshots’ of the blog to save for the future.

Thing is, I have to sign (well, anonymously-sign, which I am surprised but pleased is allowed) a document to say that I either own copyright or have cleared copyright for stuff I use on the site. Most of this is easy – I write the copy and take the pictures, but I’ve been going through old posts removing images that might even whiff of ‘copyright-iffy’ and checking with odd people whose work I’ve used to make sure they’re ok with being associated with me in the archive (for example ScaredOfChives’s one-off piece about the Arsenal Football Club.) If I’ve missed anything do let me know.

In the meanwhile, in the future, if you send something to me, I will assume I can use it in the blog unless you say it’s just for my eyes, in which case I will, of course respect your wishes.

Sorry for the dull post. It was supposed to be a “Whoo-hoo! I’m going to be in the British Library!” entry and ended up being a really tedious downer about copyright…


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