New Lamps for Old!!

So – it’s not quite the end of panto season after all. Wicked Abanazar (well, wicked Uncle Ken, actually) is out peddling his wares at B&Q this weekend, inviting all you Aladdins out there to swap your new lamps for old.

Basically you take two of your old ordinary light bulbs to B&Q(they don’t have to be working – but let’s face it – who hoards dead light bulbs?) where they exchange them for low-energy versions. I did it this morning, and even though I’ve been rubbing my new lamps as hard as I can and I still can’t make a genie appear, it still seems like a good trade to me.

I’m curious to know what the deal between Ken and B&Q is – presumably not everyone was like me and left with just the light bulbs – it must be quite a money spinner for B&Q.

Oh well – still worth a go. Get on over there – maybe yours will be the lucky lamp and Robin Williams will grant you three wishes…

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