More on the Clocktower…

The latest in my quest to get buildings opened for Open House Day. I’ve had a reply from the guy at the Council who looks after such things, and has sent me the following:

The clock tower of Meridian House does indeed contain a viewing gallery with panoramic views .It was built (by Clifford Culpin & Partners) as part of the old town hall in 1937, seemingly for public access to view the Royal Naval College and the Thames.It must have been quite a sight with all the river traffic that existed then.

Such access ceased when the building was sold after the move by LB Greenwich to Woolwich.I saw the room in 1999 when the Greenwich Development Agency funded the repair of the clock. Following this I looked into the possibility of reviving public access but to no avail. It appeared that the room was on a sub-lease although not actually used. Access internally is an issue(I climbed in from the scaffolding!)

So. It sounds as though it’s going to be a bit of a (literal) uphill struggle. But I’m not done yet. Watch this space.

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