Greenwich Farmers’ Market

Yes, you read that right.

Cheryl Cohen of the Blackheath Farmers’ Market has sent me this, asking for your opinions. She writes:

We’ve been approached by the town centre manager in Greenwich to open a weekly Saturday farmers’ market on Cutty Sark Gardens. I would love some feedback on this idea. I’ve suggested a Saturday so as not to clash with Blackheath. The last thing we want is to take business away from Blackheath Village on a Sunday, but I feel sure that there’s room for Greenwich to have its own market to help keep local people shopping in the neighbourhood and in turn, support your local shops. Would people from East Greenwich, Charlton, Woolwich or Depford attend? Please feel free to post something about this – I’d love as much feedback as possible. If you know of any community or residents associations/groups to pass this onto please feel free.

The Phantom Replies:

Mmm. A farmers’ market in Greenwich would be well-received, I’m sure. I’m not totally convinced about Cutty Sark Gardens though. You’d certainly get some good custom there, especially on a Saturday when all the tourists are there. But it’s quite windswept on occasion, and sited in right in the middle, puts you directly in competition with The Creaky Shed, Drings, The Fishmonger and The Cheeseboard, not to mention the M&S next door.

Have you considered moving a little further east? If I’m totally honest, I don’t know quite where – the Forum is a bit small – but there must be a good space somewhere. Over the east side, there’s only really the other branch of the Fishmonger to worry about, food-wise. Since the much-lamented demise of the fruit & veg stall last year, it’s been supermarkets or nothing, really (there’s the odd shop that specialises in ethic-y food, but I miss the fruit & veg. There are literally hundreds of new swanky (and otherwise) flats being built on the East side just now, and virtually no food shops to support them. The new East Greenwich Traders Association is doing its best, but Trafalgar Road, apart from the odd glorious exception, is still a sorry sight.

What does everyone else think?

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