Flying Duck Flying South for the Summer…

…well, forever, actually.

Folks, it’s a lovely sunny Saturday. Wrap up and visit James and Carolyn at Flying Duck while you can. To my great misery they’re getting out of Greenwich while they can, and another bit of Greenwich character is leaving us.

I adored Flying Duck; and it’s weird to think it soon won’t be with us, but I can see what’s making them go. That effing-awful Wetherspoons, that tedious, menacing, chain-filled alleyway leading to what has to be one of London’s scruffiest DLR stations – and the attendant morons who think it’s ok to walk around Flying Duck scoffing chips with sauce and vinegar, fingering vintage merchandise with greasy paws and swearing loudly, which is what I encountered last time I was in there. They got chucked out, and I’m not surprised.

“That’s why we’re going,” sighed the assistant, who got an earful of choice language as she asked them to leave – a brave move in my humble…

Everything in stock is going down in price on a daily basis. Go get yourself a memento of this fab store and wish them luck with their enterprises down in Brighton.

They’re going online, too, but I can’t see that it will be the same. What I loved about FDE was being able to wander round, looking at piles of stuff and finding something you didn’t even know existed, let alone that you needed it.

Apparently they own the place and will rent it out only to another independent. Let’s hope they find someone special.

They will be sorely missed.

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