Five-Minute Film Ideas

Mariana writes:

I am a film student and my next project is to make a 5 minutes film related to the Maritime Greenwich. I have read many interesting facts on your blog but couldn’t find yet a subject for the film. Specially because it must be about the specific area between the O2 down to the Cutty Sarck, the area that goes near the river. So basically all that goes beyond (south and east) of Blackwall Tunnell Avenue, Blackwall Lane, Trafalgar Road and Romney Road is unfortunately not useful…

Anyway I wonder if you could help us. I came to you obviously because I understand you have great knowledge and information on Greenwich; perhaps you know some amazing fact on the area that I am missing out. We are researching the local but If you know a great subject that could be interesting to film is always worth to ask.

I appreciate a lot if you could take some of your time to answer me back, I guess you’re probably busy. Still from the dedication you demonstrate through your blog I can only have came to the right person. And by the away I read all about the T&L’s Amylum factory; It’s to considerate as you post it almost an year ago so I don’t know how’s the situation.

The Phantom blushes and replies:

But that’s a fascinating part of town! Hey – it’s one of the few vestiges of Industrial Greenwich left, and even as I write this, it is being eroded. Never more did this beautiful (yes, beautiful) part of Greenwich need recording.

Take a walk along the Thames Path for starters. Check out the Foot and Mouth Memorial – do a bit of research and find out who built that piece of classic Outsider Art. There’s a story there for sure. Who looks after that little garden? A five-min film about whoever that is would be charming. How about the boat repairers, just next to the Lovell’s Wharf development? It’s still just about there, but is being re sited, I understand, to make way for the new flats. Get out there and check those guys out. One of their patients last year was the Grand Turk, a fine tall ship.

Or, if all that isn’t edgy enough, what about those creepy dead buildings a bit further up, where the path is surrounded by high corrugated iron walls both sides and it’s like something out of The Long Good Friday? Or the social club of the chemical works? Do a docco about the people who frequent that place and I’ll watch it. Round the back of the Dome, scrap metal yards and dodgy dealerships, strange remnants of when the Peninsula was a thriving industrial zone still linger, their high chain link fences guarded 24/7 by Alsatians that are not guys from Eastern France…

Tell us the story behind that extraordinary Victorian building next to Blackwall Tunnel – or those long thin buildings that were once Endersbys. Or the aggregates that still arrive by ship at the wharf along the way. Tell us about the row of willows, or what has happened to the millennium art along the route after eight years.

Back the other way, how about a film about the lives of pensioners at Trinity Hospital, living in the shadow of the power station? Or the secret world of the power station itself? Or an interview with Bob the auctioneer at Greenwich Auctions?

Just walk along that path – talk to the people who use it – who run, cycle, walk their dogs. There are a million stories waiting to be told.

And when you tell it, make sure I know about it…

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