Christmas Tree Disposal

Sue asks:

As the Council are collecting trees AFTER 21st Jan (when most people will take them down this weekend!) where is the nearest place to take them for recycling, as I don’t have a garden to leave it in. Is it in Plumstead?

The Phantom replies:

Hmm that does seem rather late – I’m sure it was earlier last year. It could have something to do with them being really busy this year implementing the new general collection arrangements (of which I thoroughly approve even it is a teensy bit more work) but it certainly makes it awkward for people with flats or no gardens.

Your best bet is either the Re-use and Recycling site in Nathan Way (quite an interesting experience if you’re not there at a busy time – I would avoid Saturday and Sunday mornings if at all possible – best weekend time is during a major sporting event or a Charlton match) or, if you’re near Thompsons Garden Centre in Welling you can dump it in a special area there (I would turn down/off your sound before going onto this particular website if I were you.)

Good luck – and Happy Twelfth Night!

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