Chris The Barber

P&D writes:

Just a little note to let you and others know that Chris the Barber (at the top of Blackwall Approach) has closed after 25 years. Admittedly,he did the same haircut whatever the fashion or request but he has served the local area faithfully for all this time. It is somewhat of an enforced retirement for him as the council refused to renew his tenancy. Chris thinks that ‘they’ have a plan for that area but he doesn’t know what.

Well, me for one will wish him a happy retirement and all the best forthe future. Once more little bit of local colour ebbing away.

The Phantom Adds

Am I getting this entirely wrong, or is that the bit up by the Tunnel itself? I vaguely remember a suggestion for a five star hotel being mooted but it all went a bit pear-shaped when the Casino was dropped. Of course I may have completely the wrong place. I’m having trouble placing it in my Monday afternoon head…

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