Birthday Venues

Jo asks:

I am looking for a venue for my birthday meal in Greenwich for around 10 people. Particularly looking for somewhere lively and reasonably priced (£20ish a head). Please can you give me your suggestions? The Efes Turkish Place and the San Miguel Tapas Bar look tempting. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated!

The Phantom replies:

This question gets asked a lot, Jo, and always gets interesting responses. I like Efe’s Meze – and yes, it’s a good party place. I have only tried out San Miguel on my own on a lunchtime – which is why I have never reviewed it – I feel I didn’t see it at its best – tapas needs to be enjoyed with many people, not by a sad Phantom-no-mates. Maybe someone can enlighten you until I manage to get a group together to visit.

When I was organising a reasonably-priced party booking just before Christmas, I went to Kum Luang. I thoroughly recommend the simple food and attentive service. An alternative would have been the more boisterous (and commercial, of course) Cafe Rouge or even a pub, such as The Vanbrugh Tavern or the Plume of Feathers. Some reckon that The Mogul is a good venue for parties; I have had patchy quality there, ranging from the superb to really rather lacklustre.

There are several higher-priced venues – Inside, The Hill and The North Pole, for starters. If you’re looking for an interesting and not outrageously-priced venue for an extra-special party, try the cellar of Davy’s Wine Vaults

Any other suggestions, guys?

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