A Year in the Life of Greenwich Park

There’s been a story here – I just don’t know it.

Whilst browsing for that little extra thing that would tip my Amazon order over the price that gets you free delivery, cheapskate Phantom that I am, noticed this intriguing-looking book.

A Year in the Life of Greenwich Park.
Anthony Quiney, 112 pages, 150 col photos. Pub Oct 2007

London’s oldest enclosed Royal Park, first established in 1433, Greenwich Park includes several notable buildings and offers some of the finest views of London and the River Thames. This work presents a collection of photographs that intends to capture the magic of the park through the year.

Suddenly I was very interested. It sounded great. Why hadn’t I heard of this? Especially since I’ve been specifically looking for books about Greenwich Park recently? Amazon listed it as unavailable and they didn’t know when it would be in. So I did a spot of scouting around. I found myself onto the website of NHBS Environment bookstore. It listed it as available, but I thought I’d call first to make sure it was in stock.

I got an incredibly helpful lady who confirmed that it wasn’t in stock, but said she’d call the suppliers and find out for me. A few minutes later she called back to say that the project had been dropped indefinitely.

I would love to know the story behind this. Anthony Quiney, from the long list of books he’s already published, is an established author. They must have got pretty far down the line – the number of pages, the size, the format and even the cover were already fixed. What prevented this book from being published? Does anyone out there know? I’ve checked out the publisher http://www.francislincoln.com/ and they seem to be thriving. I know there’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip, but most of the books I know of that have been ditched have been somehow contentious. How could a book about a park be controversial?

In the meanwhile, I have discovered a lovely new place to buy books that isn’t one of the corporate giants. For all your environment reading needs, check out http://www.nhbs.com/index.html

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