Quick question about ads

Folks – Anonymous just mentioned the ads:

What’s happened to the adverts? I used to click on the estate agents as a kind of thank-you, but have just realised they’re not there anymore?

First of all – thanks very much for the clicks – I’m not allowed to ask you to do it – but since you do – well – who am I to complain? Sometimes I can even afford a cup of tea and a bun on the fat profits…

But here’s my question. I haven’t stopped them – and they’re still appearing on my version – but I know it’s not necessarily the version you see. Can you still see them?

Just to reassure you – I don’t get any say whatsoever in what ads go down the side of the blog – so I have absolutely no necessity to suck-up to any advertisers – I could be being very rude about something that’s got an ad for it on the same page – that’s the chance they take. If I’m nice about somewhere it’s because I genuinely like it. This is an Advertorial-Free Zone…

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