New Year’s Eve

Claire asks:

Are there any fireworks/street celebrations going on the Greenwich for News years eve this year?I’m trying to find an alternative to going to a party…

The Phantom replies:

I don’t know of any official ones, but there are good vantage points to watch the ones around the London Eye and they often become meeting points for people to get together for unofficial street parties. The Point is an obvious one, as is Maze Hill just outside Vanbrugh Castle. Such a shame that Greenwich Park isn’t open at night. Standing on Blackheath gives you a good panoramic view of South London, and there’s always loads of fireworks going on at midnight on Dec 31st in South London (and every other night of the year, some might say…)

The 02 is planning a massive party with Sugarbabes and Take That, and I’d be surprised if they don’t do something spectacular for the rest of us to watch. Hi-jacking other people’s fireworks is a great idea – all the enjoyment, none of the expense.

Blackheath Halls seem to be doing quite an interesting bash based on Back to the Future –

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