New Years Eve Revisited

A different Joe asks:

Are you aware of any events/ good places to go on NYE this year in Greenwich? We’re looking for something thats quite lively and friendly and ideally a local crowd.. Ideally a good pub/ bar that you could recommend? We don’t really want to go to anything thats run by Inc..
Have you got any ideas on venues or events?

The Phantom replies:

I’ve been pondering on this one – after Claire asked a similar question about a good place to see fireworks that night.

I’ve been looking around at some websites but they’re mainly staying a bit tight-lipped about NYE. The Vanbrugh, The Ashburnham Arms, The Hill, The Plume of Feathers, The Kings Arms – none of them are admitting to having anything on that night – but I’ll bet my boots they will have – I’d pick a nice one, walk in and ask if I were you…

There’s an interesting-looking bash going on at Blackheath Halls – a sort of Back to the Future party – Enchantment Under the Sea which looks fun, and if you want to push the boat out, Indig02 is having a big old party with Take That and the Sugarbabes.

Does anyone else know of any good ones?

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