Killer Boxing Day Quiz

As promised some time ago, a Greenwich Quiz for while you’re all sitting around too full to move. I’m told it’s impossible, but I accept no responsibility for any ensuing fisticuffs. Most of the questions should be do-able if you’ve been reading this blog long enough but answers can be found in the first comment….

1. Who wrote “I then asked the poor man if the distemper had not reached to Greenwich. He said it had not till about a fortnight before; but that then he feared it had, but that it was only at that end of the town which lay south towards Deptford Bridge

2. How many ‘bobbles’ does the tower of the former Christ Church (The Forum) have left?

3 Where can this splendid fellow be found?

4. Who, or what, does the little memorial in the garden at Ballast Quay, outside the Harbour Master’s Office, commemorate?

5. Which notorious pirate came to a mutually-profitable agreement with Queen Elizabeth I at Greenwich?

6. Which town is twinned with Greenwich, and which country is it in?

7. Where was Crowder’s Music Hall situated?

8. Where was this picture taken?

9. Where was the Parthenon Palace of Varieties?

10. Who used to hang out at Gambardella’s Cafe at the Blackheath Standard?

11. What did Samuel Pepys hear on the 22nd April 1664? Was it

a) News that the Dutch were preparing to invade?

b) A nightingale?

c) Plague-ridden dogs barking at Deptford?

12. Which famous novel has a wedding feast set at The Trafalgar Tavern?

13. Which of the following people, real or fictitious, did NOT visit Greenwich?

A. George Cruikshank

B. Sherlock Holmes

C. Bella Wilfer

D. Voltaire

E. Andre Le Notre

14. Whose statue is plum in the middle of the four main buildings of the Old Royal Naval College?

15. At which soon-to-be-hotel-if rumour-is-to-be-believed could you see this badge?

16. Why would Sir John Evelyn have a hatred of wheelbarrows?

17. Which writer used the pen name Nicholas Blake?

18. What is the Five-Foot Walk?

19. Which American building was directly inspired by The Queen’s House?

20. Here is a piece of early advertising for fast food in 1684. At which event was the food served?

Kind master, drink you beer, or ale or brandy?

Walk in, kind sir, this booth is the chief,

We’ll entertain you with a slice of beef,

And what you please to eat or drink, ‘tis here,

No booth, like mine, affords such dainty cheer;

Another crys, Here master, they but scoff ye,

Here is a dish of famous new made coffee.

Well – I said it was hard…

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