Joshua Beasley

I’ve just met a bunch of young lads in a car park, putting leaflets under windscreen wipers. Being the nosey Phantom I am, I had to know what they were doing, and when I found out it broke my heart.

Their friend Joshua Beasley has been missing since Christmas Eve, when he was leaving Greenwich Ice Rink – about 5.15pm. They have no idea where he is and it’s totally out of character for him to disappear like this. So a whole bunch of them are pretty much wallpapering Greenwich, in the hope that anyone may have seen any glimpses of him. The least I can do is ask you lot for them.

He’s about five foot ten, slim/medium build, with thick, black, ‘slightly untidy’ hair. Both his ears are pierced and he was wearing black. I know that just about describes every 17 year-old, but do have a think. He looks like this:

It’s beyond extremely unlikely he’ll be reading this – but if you are, Joshua, your mates are really worried about you – please give them a call.

It’s ever so slightly less unlikely that someone reading this has seen him – if you have, give Lewisham Police a call – 020 8297 1212.

I haven’t seen such worried-looking seventeen year olds for a long, long time.

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