Cafe Viena

Jo asks:

Does anyone know why Cafe Vienna is shut?

The Phantom replies:

Word on the street (and this IS only gossip so I can’t guarantee authenticity) is that it’s a licensing problem – ie. Cafe Viena doesn’t have one. Wagging tongues tell me that there was a grace period but that’s run out too now. I don’t know when or even whether the grammatically-challenged caff will reopen or just move on to pastures new.

On a totally different matter, I also notice that The Alamo has shut after – what – six months? Of course I doubt that was a licensing problem – almost certainly much more to do with it being bloody awful – the worst Tex-Mex restaurant in Greenwich – and let’s face it, considering the competition for that particular title, that’s some achievement. Maybe it can go back to being a decent little cafe now.

Saucer of milk for The Phantom coming right up…

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