What’s On?

Folks – I want to ask you a question. When I started this blog, I was really sure that the one thing I didn’t want it to turn into was some kind of Parish Noticeboard with bring-and-buy sales, bob-a-job weeks and pensioners’ tea parties advertised on it. I have always seen this as my personal blog – and I don’t really want to dilute my own tedious opinions with a What’s On section.

But people keep sending me stuff – and some of it (not all, by any means, ahem,) looks really interesting. I’m wondering – if I created a second blog “The Phantom’s Parish News” or similar, click-through-able from this site, would it be useful? Or are there already plenty of places to find out what’s on?

I’ll warn you – I’m poor at going out and finding events – this would merely be based on things I notice and think look good – or things selected from stuff people send me – and not everything I’m sent either – I’d only include it if I thought it looked really different and good. And I’m rubbish at HTML so don’t expect graphs or grids or diaries – or indeed any funky add-ons. But with those caveats – is it appealing, or a waste of time?

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