The Telegraph Inn?

We’re having a pub-sort of week here…

Geri asks:

I do genealogical research into my Newell family. I had a long ago relative that owned a place called “The Telegraph Inn” on Maidenstone Hill in Greenwich. Do you know if the building is still around, and/or if there is a pub or Inn there? I come to London every summer, and would go for a pint if it was there.

It’s at 1, Telegraph Place, Maidenstone Hill.

I was working on this “pub” part of my family into the wee hours of the morning, and have discovered there were 3 other pubs, with unknown names,but I have the addresses. Just on the off chance that you know something,I’ll give you the addresses. They are all in Greenwich, and all the pubs were owned by the Hanscomb family.

8 Bath Street
6 Straightsmouth
16 Langdale

The Phantom Replies:

Geri – I found the genealogical reference you did – and it says they were there by 1904 but I don’t know of anything like that there now. I actually went all the way along Maidenstone Hill this morning just in case I was wrong – but I can’t find any pub of any description – and nor can I find a Telegraph Place. There is a very odd bit of road where Maidenstone Hill seems to split into two and both bits seem to be called “Maidenstone Hill” – so maybe one of these was once your Telegraph Place. The nearest Telegraph Place I know of is in the Isle of Dogs.

It’s hardly surprising that the pub’s gone – they seem to be an endangered species nowadays – either being turned into flats or just bulldozed – as in the case of the poor old Penny Black a few months ago.

Even more embarrassing I don’t know of a Bath St in Greenwich, (it could have once been around the Georgian/Regency areas – Bath was very fashionable then) though I did find one pub called The Corner Pin and another called The Ironfounder Arms on Cold Bath St, which also seems to have disappeared.

Of course Langdale Road is still there. Off the top of my head and without taking another peek, I can’t instantly think of a pub on it. Straightsmouth has a lot of work going on at the moment (much redevelopment) but I can’t think of a pub on that road either. I have found in a 1934 listing online, a beer retailer (though whether an actual pub or just an offy isn’t clear) called George William Willis at Number 1 Straightsmouth, but after that my trail (like the beer) runs dry.

But I’m no expert. Does anyone have any extra clues for Geri?

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