Teletubby Sainsburys

I couldn’t resist going to have a quick poke around the ‘new’ Sainsburys just now. Though to be honest, apart from their having given it a lick of paint, a few new shelving units and moving everything around I can’t see much different. It does look a bit brighter – but there’s nothing particularly stand-out.

They’ve re-turfed the green bit outside and re-clad the wood bit, taken away the electric car points so that more 4x4s can pretend to be disabled while they get some fags and – well, that’s about it.
I’m rather disappointed to see that they haven’t taken the opportunity to close-in the freezer section. There are one or two more freezers with doors, but much of the frozen fare is still open. I mean – what the heck are we doing switching off lights and saving carrier bags when every supermarket in Britain leaves its fridge doors wide open? (yeah, yeah, China, power-stations yada, yada… but I still think there’s a point in there somewhere.)

I didn’t stay long – I’d only gone in to get some milk and be nosey, but I confess I’m pleased it’s back. I know you should do you shopping locally – and I do try, honest. Fish from the fishmonger, fruit & veg from the farmers market or the Creaky Shed, cheese from the cheesemonger etc etc – but some things you just need a good old supermarket for.

The one thing Sainsburys being shut did remind me was how much I hate Asda. I have never encountered so many angry people shouting and swearing at each other as I do in that bloomin’ store- and I’ve seen near-fisticuffs in the car park.

Sainsburys drives me mad from time to time. But actually I’m quite pleased it’s back. So shoot me…

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