Sunday Roasts

Rach asks:

Just wondering if you have any recommendations for the best place in Greenwich for a sunday roast?

The Phantom replies:

If I’m absolutely honest I haven’t actually found the “ultimate” Sunday Roast in Greenwich, but opinions differ and I suspect we’ll have quite a few contributions from everyone on this one…

The King William Restaurant ( under The Painted Hall does a traditional Sunday Lunch, but, despite its being run by Leiths, it’s not my favourite. I keep meaning to try it again, as it’s a good venue and I can’t help thinking that it should be better than I have found in the past.

I was in The Vanbrugh yesterday lunchtime (full review to come at some point.) Their roast is quite respectable; the meat (several options) is well-sourced and you get a good plateful. I wasn’t completely wild about the potatoes – I like my spuds really crispy – but the Yorkshire pud was very good. Their Christmas menu looks appealing.

I haven’t actually tested The Guildford’s Sunday Roast but I have had other food from there (again – there’s a review to be had soon – I’m rather behind with posting at the moment) and I’ve been impressed with it.

SE10 ( lists Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, but I hesitate to recommend it as I had a very ho-hum experience last time I went (I haven’t tried the roast though – might actually be quite a triumph. It’s that sort of place.)

I do really like The Yacht ( though once again I haven’t actually tried their roast.

Ditto The Hill (there’s a review in the Eating Out section but even I can’t find it!!)

and The Ashburnham Arms (again – there’s a review in the Eating Out section – you’ll have to scroll down. I really need to sort this site out!!)

If you don’t mind driving, Danson Stables ( very ‘Sunday pub lunch-y’ – combine it with a visit to Danson House

If you’re just looking for Sunday lunch rather than a traditional roast, you could do a lot worse than Inside (

I now await with glee everyone else chipping in with their suggestions…

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