Publicity – What Publicity?

I am currently listening to Womans Hour – where they are interviewing the artist Esther Shalev-Gertz as she takes the reporter round the Queen’s House for their latest exhibition, which, apparently, has just opened.

Did ANY of you know that this was coming? What on earth is going on with the National Maritime Museum’s publicity department? I spend half my life looking out for new stuff going on round here and I couldn’t find a thing. I even tried to check out the NMM website – and if it’s there it’s not easy to find on an albeit cursory search.

How the f*** are we supposed to know what’s going on if they don’t tell us? There are local papers. There are magazines. Noticeboards. Leaflet opportunities. Or are they only interested in telling “important” people these days? The same thing happened with that Sailor Chic exhibition – first I knew about it was a poster at BANK station. Maybe City types are more likely to visit than the people who actually live there – well they certainly will be if that’s the only publicity on offer.

If you’re interested, the relevant webpage is

but I had to find the link through the Womans Hour site, not the NMM’s own.

They really need to sort their publicity out if they want local people to come along more often – unless they really are only interested in tourists. Grrr.

OK rant over…

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