On The Town!

Benedict asks:

On my regular sorties through our local neighbourhood of Greenwich I am often amazed and puzzled by the appearance of large Royal Navy ships moored next to Greenwich pier. Do you have any idea what they do while they are stationed here? I don’t see any drunken sailors cavorting in the town, unless they are disguised as Italian tourists and I don’t notice quarter masters queuing at Drings or the cheese shop for supplies.Can you in your infinite knowledge of all things local shed any light on this conundrum?

The Phantom replies:

I think it might be that it’s a good, deep place to moor, reasonably close to London – though why they’re going to London in the first place beats me. I have seen groups of sailors (If memory serves the last lot I saw were from HMS President) wandering round the shops and market – often with what are quite obviously their mums and dads, posing for pictures in uniform outside the Old Royal Naval College, so I think that we do get shore-leave sailors from time to time. I haven’t seen any cavorting or carousing in taverns – though of course they may just change into civvies.

Anyone out there with a nautical bent who can shed some more light on this?

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