Miscellaneous Questions

A Greenwich newbie is puzzled about several things and has bundled them all up in one enormous Ask The Phantom…

He writes:

1) Pub quizzes – When, where, good/bad, theme…? Seems like the sort of place that would/should have plenty of quizzes.

I know there’s a big one at The Vanbrugh Tavern, and the Ashburnham Arms always used to. The Plume of Feathers in Park Vista has one, I believe, and Hardy’s in Trafalgar Road. If you’re in the Westcombe Park area, there’s one just about to start at the newly-refurbished Royal Standard, Blackheath. As to quality or themes, I’m afraid I don’t do pub quizzes – I am rubbish at instant fact retrieval. But I bet there are people here who know.

2) What on earth is going on with the works on Greenwich High Road (they’ve apparently been there for a year and show no sign of abating, merely multiplying)?

I always assumed it was an extension of the seemingly interminable replacement of the Victorian water mains that’s been going on here for over a year, but come to think of it, it does seem to be taking longer than everywhere else. Any ideas, folks?

3)What time does the park close – I was wondering around in the dark the other day and it showed no signs of closing up but I do fear being trapped inside at some juncture! The website only says:

The park is open from 6.00am for pedestrians (and 7.00am for traffic) all year round.

Which doesn’t really help on the closing front. Usually, it’s set at dusk, but how do they ensure people aren’t scattered around the place – wardens with torches, loudspeakers..?

I understand that it closes ‘at dusk’ – but how they let people know I have no idea. I suspect rangers drive around looking for obvious stragglers so unless you’re deliberately hiding, I’m sure you wouldn’t get locked in. One of the gates is open longer than the others, but which one currently escapes me (I told you I was rubbish at instant fact retrieval…) Could be the Circus one. It would be pretty easy to hang around inside if you wanted to – there are lots of ‘hollow’ holly bushes (v. good for sheltering in if you get caught out in a rainstorm, I find…)

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