Local Ghosts Quiz Answers

As promised – the answers to yesterday’s quiz. Of course I did say “at least one” was made up – and once I got going, I had a high old time inventing fictitious ghosts…

1) The Roman Legion – this is apparently ‘true.’ I’m still not sure what a boiler was doing so far underground – but Malcolm Godfrey tells the story like he was there.

2) The penitent Viking – as Anonymous pointed out, this is indeed a crock of s*** cooked up by Yours Truly.

3)The Crew of the Boundless – a story I wish were true, but sadly total twaddle.

4)The Headless Pensioner – ‘true’

5) The Helpful Handyman – ‘true’ – I will come to the tragic case of Admiral Byng on another day.

6)Pistol Jack – All made up. But you wouldn’t have believed me if I told you that the real ghost in The Spread Eagle is the Victorian entertainer Dan Leno.

7) The Creepy Cash Register – unbelievably, this actually happened.

8) The Grey Lady – Greenwich has her own White Lady who patrols the Admiral’s House at The ORNC – but Princess Caroline of Brunswick is not one of our local ghosts for local people (as far as I know…though next time you’re walking past her bath at night listen out – you may just hear giggling and splashing sounds after all…)

9) The T’ween Deck of the Cutty Sark. – Actually I made this up too – but I could be more right than I know. Malcolm Godfrey tantalisingly refers to his upcoming book “Walking Ghostly Greenwich Part Three” (due out in Spring 2006, ahem…) in which he promises a full coverage of the ghosts of the Cutty Sark.

10) The Schoolboy Theatregoer. Jury’s out on this one. He apparently manifested himself during a night of paranormal investigation, but someone I know who was there at the time experienced nothing save a slight draft coming up the stairs.

11) The Haunted Bag of Soot – Bizarrely there IS a haunted sack of soot – but it’s not in Greenwich. A storyteller friend of mine told me that a bag of soot terrorises the good folk of Crowborough in Sussex, chasing them down the road (I get images of Black Bag in Viz at this point.) I didn’t think you’d buy the “real” story so I invented the power station accident.

12)The American Officer – total fiction, based on the fact that Americans did train at the Naval College. Sorry, Anonymous, no George Clooney lookalikes here…

13) The Wedding Guest – a load of tripe.

Thanks for indulging my puerile sense of humour, folks… If you fancy something else, I’ll create a Greenwich Trivia Quiz sometime around Christmas…

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