Cosy Pubs

Following on from yesterday’s discussion, Kelly asks:

Have you got any recommendations for a nice cosy traditional pub in Greenwich? I am looking for one where you can get really settled in for the afternoon/evening with a decent beer. We live in the Ashburnham Triangle and while the nearby pubs are great, they all seem to get modernised and seem to lose a bit of their character. We don’t mind travelling to get there either.

The Phantom replies:

Much as yesterday, I have to confess that I haven’t found a really old fashioned, traditional pub without a few modern tweaks in Greenwich. Many are perfectly cosy – The Ashburnham Arms, for example, near you, but many have been modernised to some extent. I was mildly impressed with The Kings Arms in King William Walk (though the service left something to be desired) and The Vanbrugh – though I have to admit that it took me about four attempts to visit there as it had such a ‘local pub for local people’ feel about it (ditto, actually, the Ashburnham. Neither are really cliquey – just a tiny tad.) The Cutty Sark is quite traditional in feel, as is The Plume of Feathers on Park Row, which, thinking about it, is probably my choice.

I guess part of the problem is the amount of money to be made from slot machines, Sky TV and jukeboxes. Many pubs have now installed squashy armchairs and low lighting – and there are even a few fireplaces being reinstalled – but the residual noise level is not conducive to real cosinesss.

Any more suggestions, folks?

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