A Mystery Solved

Remember that tall ship in the docks up by Lovell’s Wharf in the summer? Well I just found out what it was…

A little snippet from the Scarborough Evening News reads:

Residents and visitors got a bird’s eye view of the Grand Turk tall ship on its way back to its base in Whitby yesterday afternoon.The vessel has been to Greenwich for a refit which included carrying out some general engineering works in dry dock.

Accoding to her website, she is a replica of an 18th century man-o-war ship based on drawings of a sixth rate frigate named ‘Blanford’, of the type that took part in the battle of Trafalgar.

Apparently she also underwent an inspection by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency – something I don’t really associate with urban London any more, so it’s a delight to see.

Seems somehow odd, but also satisfying that of all the places still associated with shipbuilding and boat maintenance, Greenwich can still hold its own for interesting nautical jobs. We haven’t totally lost our maritime heritage after all. Ahhh.

The Grand Turk was built for use in films and TV – so it’s highly likely she’ll be back soon, given the amount of filming that goes on round here.

By the way, if you fancy chartering the Grand Turk, the link is here. They don’t actually admit to how much it costs, but I’m sure you could get a discount with your GreenwichCard.


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