100 Cauliflowers revisited.

Andy has sent me a mail about this oddest of installations currently on at the Peninsula.

As I’m always bleating on, I don’t really want to be a parish noticeboard but this one is so bonkers that I’ve just got to mention it here…

He writes:

This Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th November, environmental artist Kerry Morrison is inviting you all to come and see (and take part in)her ’100 cauliflowers’ installation on the peninsula. The installation is a culmination of work over the past 6 months, inwhich Kerry researched the areas environmental history and issues, andworked with some local people to develop ideas.

Kerry has been building the ‘allotment’ this week, and on Friday 23rd she will be joined by 15 pupils from John Roan School to plant the first 50 cauliflowers. this will take place between 1pm and 3pm. On Saturday 24th, come along between 12noon and 3pm to help plant the remaining 50 cauliflowers.

The plot, known as the ‘bowling green’ is on the riverside path between GMV and the O2.
The caulis will overwinter and be harvested in the spring, possibly towards some kind of community feast.

The Phantom says:

I’ll try to get down there at some point – maybe some of you fancy it too. Just don’t invite me to any community ‘feast’ consisiting of cauliflowers, eh?

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