Shop for Sale…

Anyone who reads this on a regular basis will know that I never stop banging on about the dead and dying shops on Trafalgar Road, but this one truly saddens me.

We’ve all known for sometime that the owner/proprietor of La Salumeria was retiring, but until now I hadn’t been overly bothered as I had (stupidly, it would seem now) believed the rumours that it would stay a delicatessen, with merely the addition of a cafe at the rear. But looking at the Property Section of the News Shopper this week I noticed that the entire property – shop, flat and freehold is up for sale – so that clearly can’t be the case any more.

There are so few true old-fashioned delis around anymore – crammed from ceiling to floor with curious (mainly Italian) jars, tins and boxes, festooned with Pannetone boxes hanging from the ceiling at Christmas, gaily coloured foil-wrapped eggs at Easter and sausages the rest of the time. I know we are getting a new one (at Stockwell Street, up the posh end) but I can’t imagine that it will be as stuffed to the gills with goodies – a place to truly browse – as La Salumeria, however yummy it might be.

The asking price is £550,000 – far too much for most would-be deli-founders. This will almost certainly be bought by a developer, the flat spruced-up and sold off and the shop itself closed. My one hope springs from the contents – also for sale so someone might see this as an opportunity.

I am a heavy-hearted Phantom this morning.

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