Peter de Wits Breakfast/Lunch

Something that always puzzles me about Sundays in Greenwich is that while the market and surrounding shops, the park and – well – practically everywhere else in the town is heaving, Peter de Wits is nearly always virtually empty whenever I walk in for brunch.

Maybe the tourists just walk past – it’s small and perhaps unexciting-looking from the front and perhaps the (very slightly – we’re not talking Las Vegas here) flashier-from-the-front-but-a-bad-idea-once-you-get-inside sandwich shop next door looks more inviting. PdW’s, after all, has plain white walls and simple-looking tables where the sandwich shop has cakes in the window (don’t bother trying them – they promise an AWFUL lot more than they deliver) but this is one case where looks alone are deceiving.

I have always had a soft spot for Peter de Wits anyway. Any cafe that’s only got about eight tables that still manages to present live jazz two nights a week (and not just local music students – proper names) deserves a bit of respect. But I actually enjoy their food. It’s a simple menu, that doesn’t try to overstep the size of the kitchen – on Sunday I had a slice of the special quiche – all home-made and very enjoyable and the very fact that the tourists seem to pass the place by often means I can take my paper in there and enjoy a cup of coffee and a simple lunch virtually undisturbed. The staff are always friendly (as opposed to next door) and the prices, though not bog-low, are fair.

It’s particularly lovely in the summer, when they open up the back and there are a couple of ancient tables surrounded by pots of whippy greenery next to the loos (much nicer than it sounds.) I am always slightly surprised when I can get a seat out there as it’s such a sweet little secret corner in the very centre of town, but I’ve never been disappointed yet. Just the place to dissect a Sunday paper and its never-ending supplements…

Peter deWits has undecipherable opening hours. I often try to go there and it’s shut. I have to make do with the Organic Cafe opposite which is nice enough, and reliable, but not as fun as PdW (try reading the paper next to the loos there you won’t be popular – there’s often a queue and it’s next door to the kiddies’ play area…) You just have to accept that PdW’s seems to open on a whim and enjoy it when you strike lucky…

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