Greenwich Market Consultation

OK, Folks – tomorrow’s C-Day. You get to see, for a couple of days only, what Greenwich Hospital Foundation want to do with the Market, and actually “consult” (though remember the word means nothing at all in itself…)

Now I’m only going on the leaflet they’ve posted through the door, but actually, not all of it looks a total disaster. Some things actually look quite intriguing – like the new pedestrian entrances, for example. But there are a few things I’d be curious to know, and since, for reasons too annoying to mention, I won’t be able to get to the consultation, I’d be darn grateful if any of you find out any answers to any of these. In fact I want to know what you think full stop. Tell me what the exhibition’s like and whether it looks like a good way ahead for Greenwich. Then tell them, of course!!

Things I’d like to know,if you happen to hear anything, are:

1) How big will the “small” shop units be? Small enough to keep them quirky – or big enough to encourage nasty chains to bully their way in?

2) Are they going to do anything financially to ensure that they keep the small independents in the market? It’s in their long-term interests to do so. The independents are one of the big reasons why British visitors come to Greenwich – if it was all Tie Rack and Accessorise, they could go anywhere – and probably won’t come to us. We will stop being a shopping as well as a tourist destination.

3) What’s going to happen to those small indies while building work goes on? Are they out on their ear? We could lose them if that happens. They need to be nurtured.

4) Are those kiosks permanent? I hope not – with a nice space like that something interesting could be done in the way of entertainment during the evenings…

5) That “boutique” hotel. Are we sure it’s going to be small and interesting – or could we be looking at our very own Formula One in years to come?

Happy querying folks. And don’t forget – don’t just tell me (though naturally, DO tell me of course!) tell THEM what you think – even if you disagree with me…

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