Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce Time Capsule

Now here’s one you don’t see every day…

The FOEGP have been given some cash by Greenwich Hospital (let’s not look too deeply into why they’ve done this…) and have decided to create a time capsule to be buried in East Greenwich Pleasaunce (filled on Trafalgar Day – 20th Oct) to reflect life in 2007. It will stay buried for 150 years.

Its about the size of a large shoebox, made of lead and will have a commemorative plaque made by Greenwich Mural Workshop.

The question is – what to put in it???

Kate, who’s organising this, says “We have roped in the kids at Halstow. One of our committee members wants to put in his Rolling Stones at the o2 ticket, and someone else is going to make a guided walking tour on DVD.”

They’ve very kindly asked me to record some of this blog for posterity (I’m most flattered) – but that’s only going to be the size of a memory keystick. So what else should go in a little box as a true reflection of Greenwich Life in 2007?

Let’s not go for cheap laughs now…

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