Depressing Demolition

I was up at the Blackheath Standard just now, full of the joys of sunny October, when I suddenly spied this:

It took me a moment to work out what exactly the workmen were demolishing. Then it came to me.

What on earth did that little 1950s bus shelter ever do to anyone? Okay – it wasn’t a paragon of design, but it fitted rather well, with it’s honest brick sides and little tiled roof, within the 1950s crazy-paved design of the village green.

Presumably it attracted “the wrong sort” or something – though I can’t say I ever noticed hoodies or graffiti there. Did it really warrant demolition?

I suppose we’ll get some horrid glass affair as a replacement which will soon be a source of permanent employment for glass repairers.

Oh – I get it. They’ll be able to put advertisments in the new one. So. A revenue-generating move.


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