A week of Ghostly Posts

‘Tis the end of October, traditionally The Phantom’s favourite time of year, and in celebration, I will be having a creepy time on the blog with a week’s worth of Greenwich spookery.

Hallowe’en seems to be getting bigger and bigger these days – but here is not the place to go into the rights and wrongs of trick-or-treating. Let’s look on the bright side – while everywhere is full of pumpkins and paper chains in the shape of witches on broomsticks (and have you noticed that even the Blackwall Tunnel seems to be getting in on the act – black, sooty walls, sodium orange lights and bright green one-way arrows…) it’s NOT full of Christmas decorations. We used to be plagued with festive decor and Christmas muzak from mid-Spetember onwards. Now, with Hallowe’en to celebrate, the shops all wait a bit longer. As Ian Drury would say “reasons to be cheerful…”

Hallowe’en starts tomorrow.

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