A Warning

Lorna has sent me this disturbing email:

Hi Phantom

Just wanted to pass on a warning to your readers if possible.

I was walking home from Cutty Sark DLR on saturday night with my boyfriend about 1.30am having been to a party in north london and having caught one of the last trains/DLRs home.

The town/high street was packed, and we crossed the road (over to by the Thai place and the pet accessories shop) to avoid a rowdy group of people, when a guy started a fight with a guy walking towards us. I looked back and noticed the guy who had challenged the man walking towards us, had a large empty glass bottle (a litre bottle of Smirnoff). I quickly sped up with my boyfriend to get out of the way – the next thing I know, the guys had begun fighting and the bottle was thrown – hitting me on the head.

Luckily the bottle didn’t break, and I was left with only a large bump on the side of my head – the fight was carrying on, so I thought we’d better get out of the way. Typically, there were no police to be seen anywhere on high street.

I would recommend to all your readers to walk the longer way round from the station (turning left out of the DLR round by Waterstones), as this doesn’t mean walking past the Weatherspoons pub where most of the ‘drunken louts’ hang out.

I am completely disgusted, and quite frightened that Greenwich has become so unsafe. I don’t see the point in reporting this to the police – I wouldn’t be able to describe the men who were fighting, or the guy who threw the bottle, and didn’t want to waste my Sunday in the police station.

I think it’s high time that either the police have more presence in Greenwich on a Saturday, or drinking hours in that area are lowered. During the day Greenwich is a lovely place, and week night evenings it’s also fine, but Friday and Saturday nights seem to attract a completely different type of person, who are out to make trouble.

I’m also wondering if all the new housing that is springing up is meaning the town is over crowded in the evenings? I hope to have time in the near future to write to the police and the council requesting greater police presence over the weekends… but I’m not convinced this will have any effect. Let me know if you, or your readers have any other suggestions to making our streets safer…

The Phantom Replies:

This is utterly awful – and you do need to report this, Lorna – even if you couldn’t recognise the thugs concerned – because the police work on statistics. So these particular louts won’t get caught (though maybe they were later if it was that bad) but your experience, if reported, will add up to a bigger picture which could mean that measures are taken around that vile place.

Get better soon, Lorna, and in the meantime, folks – take care…

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