Woolwich Road Post Office

Laura has just told me that the Post Office in Woolwich Road could well be closing in November due to – wait for it – lack of customers!

Can this be true?

I’m surprised – they’ve only just done it up and whenever I go in there it seems to be busy. In fact I’ve queued for some time in there before now, especially before the refurb. What’s gone wrong? Where have all the customers gone? That will leave a significant chunk of East Greenwich without a Post Office at all – the nearest ones being some way up Trafalgar Road to the West, Blackheath Standard to the South, Canary Wharf to the North and, correct me if I’m wrong – Charlton to the East.

What has gone so very wrong? Is everyone using alternative delivery firms? I’m certainly not. Or did the people who took over the shop have unrealistic hopes of riches beyond the dreams of avarice?

More news on this one, please, folks…

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