Post Shop

Greenwich High Road SE10

I know it’s been open for a couple of months now, but it’s taken me this long to get around to actually needing to post a letter from the main office – sorry Post ‘Shop’ in Greenwich High Road.

Gone are the grey carpets, gloomy outlook and sullen staff behind grimy counters, arrived is a slightly odd mix of newsagents, groceries and stationery supplies – of the office variety – photocopier paper, box files, in-trays and bubble wrap. The actual post office is right at the back, with new, open counters and cheery staff – but one thing hasn’t changed.

The queues. One, giant Queue of Doom, in fact, snaking through the stationery isles, finally fizzling out about halfway down the store’s length. So that’s where all the people that have mysteriously disappeared from Woolwich Road have gone. I only had a letter to send but it took a good fifteen minutes to get to the front.

My only compensation was the jolly man who served me. An absolute joy, he was friendly, articulate and very helpful indeed. And as I left I got a happy smile from the lady at the desk too. I’m easily pleased…

On a different note, Geoff, our postman, who is the living embodiment of that Viz character Postman Plod the Miserable Sod, but of whom I’m rather fond, tells me that he’s going on strike on Friday. I’m glad he warned me. I might not have noticed otherwise…

Does anyone else not get their post before 4.00pm at the earliest on a Friday?

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