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London’s New Waterside Village!!!

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No doubt here about who this ad in the London Paper on Wednesday was aiming at, and it ain’t anyone who actually wants to live in Greenwich.

Yup, folks, we have the delights of a new gated ‘community’ coming to our doorstep soon. It is, of course, that bit of land along the river by the Creek near the Cutty Sark. 600 ‘luxurious’ apartments and duplexes amid ‘riverside restaurants,’ bars and a ‘quality’ food mall.

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis will know just how much I loathe gated ‘communities,’ cloistering themselves off from any life and soul of a local area and sapping the character from the world around them, whilst not appearing to have anything much in the way of social interaction within them either.

This one, in particular, gets my goat. This isn’t intended for local people, or even for those who fancy living in Greenwich – it’s what it says it is – ‘an investment opportunity.’ We are a commodity. It’s likely the owners of these places won’t even live in the area – just rent them out remotely, via some agent, on a short-term basis to transient city-types, who will take no part in the community, just hog all the good views and use the flats as a dormitory.

Presumably there will be one or two ‘affordable’ places – no doubt tiny little hovels squeezed in at the back by the bins – maybe even with separate entrances so they don’t mess up the ‘lovely’ safe gated bit – but I’m assuming that all the real ‘affordable’ stuff will be stuck away on the Old Hospital Site (not that I’m aware this company owns any of this, but the overall plan seems gloomily likely) where there is no view and nothing much in the way of swanky facilities.

This all sticks in my craw, but there’s something else that REALLY bothers me – and I would be very grateful to know that I am wrong in this if anyone has studied the plans – from the design I saw I couldn’t tell.

This is a gated community. Along the Thames. What is happening to the Thames Path at this point?

They couldn’t, could they?


4 Comments to “New Capital Quay!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm with you on that!!I have seen the buildings in Woolwich and I was really dismayed of what I have seen at that time..The buildings don't look nice..My goodness!!YOU ARE definitely right!!

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  2. terry says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong, i have bought one of these properties, intended for a home for my daughters and I! I dont believe the walkway will be closed, though I cannot confirm for certain, it sound more like scar mongering, you choose how you wish to live, other too can choose and we like gated communities.

  3. terry says:

    The following is an extract from the marketing material

    The proposals provide high quality public realm and a clear spatial strategy, enhancing active frontages that define the public and protected private space. 57.5% of the space is publicly accessible, improving connectivity and linkages between the local communities and the waterfrontage.

  4. Charlie Chalk says:

    I heard that on the gate they intend to have a “No Chavs” sign, how dare they? They think they can control who enters based on attire?