Latest Greenwich Card Deal

Hmm. I am really beginning to wonder why on earth I bother having a Greenwich Card at all. I either never know about the deals – or they’re so bloomin’ stingy or restrictive that it’s nigh-on impossible to benefit from them at all.

Take this latest “deal” that’s arrived in my inbox. If I just happen to be one of the first 500 people to email a secret address yesterday, AND then bowl up at the 02 box-office tomorrow lunchtime at exactly 1.00pm then I might just get a half price ticket to the Tutankhumun exhibition.

So what if I work – even if it’s a low-paid job? What if I can’t get there on the dot of 1.00pm. What if I’m number 501?


I am really struggling to think of anything other than the odd cheap swim that I have ever had out of the Greenwich Card system. I (mistakenly, apparently) was under the impression that one of the deals residents got for having financially supported the Dome for all the years it was dead was that they would get at least some kind of ticket discount on gigs and events. Seems that if we’re not one of the first 500 or if we just can’t make it to North Greenwich for a half-hour window, the rest of us can whistle.

Does anyone think that the Greenwich Card is really worthwhile for anything other than the odd gym session (for which I have a separate Greenwich Card anyway)?


One Comment to “Latest Greenwich Card Deal”

  1. jh says:

    How short sighted. You expect to get gig tickets for owning a £1 card!
    Enjoy the participating offers & sign up with O2 if you want anything else.
    Some people just want far too much sometimes