Jane Lee’s shop on Trafalgar Road

Angie asks:

I wonder if any of your readers know what has happened to this lovely individual shop. Are they closed for good or being “refurbished” as it said on the door.

The Phantom replies:

A very good question, Angie, and one I ask myself every time I walk by. All the stock is still inside and laid out – it honestly looks like it’s just closed for a Sunday or something – but it has been like this for months. No closing down sale, no notices other than that it’s closed for refurbishment – nothing. Ironic, really that it’s supposedly closed for a refurb, since it’s easily one of the smartest shops in the road. I can only assume illness or some personal crisis. Jane – if you’re out there, what are you up to? Are you well? And when can we expect to be able to buy hand-made cards, curious gifts and glassware with goldfishes once more?

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