Greenwich Ice Rink

I was just, in a sudden rush of Christmas Spirit, booking tickets for the panto when an email popped into my inbox from Laura, telling me that booking is now open for Greenwich Ice Rink’s 4th Season. So here I am, in the first bit of decent sun we’ve had all summer, sitting at my desk humming Jingle Bells…

Skating’s going to be even better this year than ever, because that tedious marquee, which used to block the view of the river, is going to be done away with. Apparently the technology wasn’t good enough in previous years to keep the ice frozen in the face of warm winds from the river, but they’ve souped-up the freezers this year (hello, global warming – but what a way to go…) and now you can stand at the Queens House and enjoy a festive view of girlies in little 1950s skating dresses and chaps in jolly sweaters with reindeer patterns, bobble hats and knitted scarves skating away with the River Thames in the background, while we all sing a rousing chorus of White Christmas.

There will still be a cafe, but it will be in the colonnades instead, serving the usual warming beverages – tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Mine’s a mulled wine and a mince pie, ok?

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