Gas Holder suggestions

A couple of days ago, I went to look at the new developments around Kings Cross. I noticed that they have a couple of gas holders that have been decommissioned. They are lucky enough to be listed (I still can’t see why we can’t do the same for ours – it’s never too late – Sir John Betjeman saved St Pancras with just 10 days to go…) so the developers have been forced to be creative.

They have actually disassembled them at their current, inconvenient location, put them back together in another part of the development, and used them as a springboard for funky ideas. One has circular apartments with a public roof garden, the other has shops and more open spaces in it (if memory serves.)

If we are going to have to lose our gas holders in their original function ,wouldn’t it be better to do something with them and keep them as part of our heritage than just do away with all the industrial history we have left?

Ideas here, folks. And, no, AndreKabu, you can’t have a fifteen-storey stationery shop.

No. Strike that. Of course you can have one – just as long as there’s a splendid bakery and sausagemongers at the bottom and a fabulous observation platform and cake dispensary at the top…

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