Thanks guys, for all your emails. It’s always great to hear from you – whether it’s compliments (the best) insults (yeah, I get a few) tips or questions.

Just recently, though, the Spam Mongers have been having a field day. They are determined that my “member” should be “so much greatly than civil,” that I’m in need of “cheap meds” or, lonely Phantom as I am, that I need a Russian girlfriend.

I have a horrid feeling some real mail has been thrown out with the junk. If I haven’t either replied to you personally or dealt with your issue on the blog(or both,) chances are I’ve accidentally deleted you, my spam filter assuming that you’re trying to sell me a dodgy university degree. Please do contact me again – I’m not ignoring you, honest!

BTW isn’t there some great spam out there at the moment? I’m collecting my faves together for a quiet day on the blog – some of it’s almost like poetry. Well, ok, not quite…

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