Clocktower at Greenwich Borough Hall/GDA

Matthew asks:

I was in the park yesterday looking out at the view and wondered for the hundredth time how good the view must be from the top of the clocktower at the GDA, and also what a great venue for a party it would be…

The Phantom Replies:

I am sure, deep in my deep and distant memory, I have met someone who has been up there at some point, but I’m not convinced it’s open to the public. I agree it must be one hell of a view and there are clearly some offfices/a glazed area at the top, not to mention the roof itself. I checked to see if it will be open this weekend for London Open House Day (hope you’re all going to take advantage, especially of the buildings that aren’t usually open) but it doesn’t seem to be on the map. More research is needed…

Has anyone ever been up there?

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