Village Green?

Iput posted this in a place I though few people would see it, and they raise an interesting point, so I’ve reprinted it here:

I would like to draw everyones attention to a matter concerning the millenium celebrations and preparsations as they were in 1999/2000. The site of my attention is the area just outside Greenwich BR statio, the junction of Greenwich South street, and the High road.

There was at this site, a triangle or old ‘village green’, which had probably been there since the building of the Queen Elizabeth ? almhouses in the early 19th century, and the row of mid georgian houses, (now shops), on South street. This green was wiped out by the council in the preparation for the 2000 celebrations to provide traffic control which they did by tarmaccing the entire site and planting a series of traffic signals. As it turned out , the surge of traffic on the day did not materialise , and the entire operation proved entirely surplus to requirements. At the time, the council said thst they would re-instate the green, but so far nothing.

Any enquiries I have made are just greeted with the ususal fob off, ie, ‘the person you need to speak to’, ‘there are no plans’… etc. I have raised this matter with the Greenwich society, of which I am a member, but have not even had the courtesy of a reply. Does anyone out there have any idea about this. I would be very grateful to know, as I seems that the planners are determined to turn this end of Greenwich into a faceless urban centre.

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