The Golden Compass

Kratch says:

So exciting: have just seen the trailer for the Golden Compass (Amber Spyglass as was). Greenwich featured twice in the trailer. I’ve attached a still from it so you can see how one of the bits looks. Otherwise, go and have a look at the whole thing on

The Phantom adds:

Yes – I noticed that too – the Harry Potter trailers, if I recall… Yet another instance of Greenwich standing in for somewhere else – Oxford, I seem to remember. It was standing in for Bristol in a DVD of Starter for Ten I saw last week but the weirdest instance I’ve heard of was in Shanghai Knights (or was it Noon?) Anyone know of an even stranger place Greenwich has pretended to be in return for cash?

Back to the Golden Compass. I’m told The Amber Spyglass is the best of the three, and it looks sumptous. A real Christmas movie. Of course I shall be going…

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