Summer Courses at Greenwich Community College, Royal Hill

Greenwich Mutiny has an interesting point to make:

I have tried unsuccessfully to enrol on a couple of the jewellery making courses, only to discover the entire Summer Programme has been cancelled; due to lack of interest. Who knew???

The courses are poorly advertised and I received a call today from someone close to the organisation that there is political manoeuvring behind the scenes. A deliberate attempt to keep interest and attendance at a bare minimum. In the long run selling off the building and land without any protest. I’m sure a well placed advertorial in the Guide or a few flyers delivered to Greenwich residents would see an increase in interest. Phantom what are your thoughts and has anyone else got any views on the maladministration of this little gem?

The Phantom replies:

You have a point, GM. I didn’t know anything about any Summer courses – I would have been rather interested in attending one or two myself. But what is in it for Greenwich Community College to scupper their own building? I can see that the place is extremely well positioned for luxury-flattening – but why would the staff who run these courses collude in cutting out their own livelihood?

There seems to be something rum going on here – and I’m not quite sure what. And I’m concerned on a bigger level too – one of Greenwich’s greatest problems is not that things aren’t going on, not that ‘free’ places are available – but that no one knows about them. I generally try to keep an ear to the ground about events and courses – but I’d have said that a good half of the things on offer are so poorly advertised that they just don’t get attended.

A worrying thing indeed.

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