Power Station

Annabel asks:

I heard rumours that the Greenwich Power Station could be a potential site for re-housing the museum of Theatre from Covent Garden when it closes, do you know anything about this or what the Power Station will be used for?

The Phantom replies:

Hi Annabel. As far as I am aware, Greenwich Power station has been recently refurbished and is still being used as a power station. It certainly was last time I went past! I haven’t heard any new rumours that it is being closed – though rumblings have been going round for years – usually emanating from estate agents trying to sell luxury flats close-by..

The rumour you have heard almost certainly comes from the New Statesman from July 2006 where they suggested it might be used for a museum for performing arts incorporating MOMI. Nothing’s impossible, but I should point out that the New Statesman was also responsible for the recent (wrong) report that The American Embassy was moving to Greenwich.

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