Glenister Green Revisited (well – sort of…)

A few months ago I was convinced that Glenister Green – the dull bit of land in between the old folks homes and Mister Fast Fry on Woolwich Road – was actually a cheap holographic image created to cover the tracks of an alien space ship, and that any unsuspecting fool who set foot within those sinister gates would be swallowed up and experimented on (see “Open Spaces”)in horrifc fashion.

There is still something very sinister about this scrap of land, especially at night, when although completely visible from the road, the lonely pools of light and the paths that lead round and round lend it an otherworldly atmosphere. I won’t go on about all that again – but I have, in the past couple of weeks, noticed that it’s not quite as horrid as it has been.

Leaves on the trees have made a big difference, of course, but some man-made improvements have helped too. The mural that used to be outside the hospital has been spruced up (though the tiles are still too far apart, making it look like it used to be somewhere else…) and it now has a plaque (not that I’ve actually looked at it of course – I’m still not actually setting foot in there. The aliens still loom large in my imagination.) The grass (well, weeds, but it’s all green, isn’t it) gets the occasional cut and some of the low shrubs that were planted when the place got its ‘redesign’ have bushed out a bit. It’s not enhanced by the giant monstrosity that is the extension of Mister Fast Fry – easily the same size again as the original building and the most uninspired design imaginable, but that’s a Planning thing, not Parks.

The biggest difference is that I have actually seen people in there. Granted it’s nearly always slack-jawed teenagers loitering round the bins, who have kindly added some enhancements of their own in the form of art-free grafitti but it is Life. And that encourages me. Unless, of course, the aliens have invented a cunning patch for their hologram program that populates their creepy dimensional timeshift gate thingy…

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