Dudgeon-Type Cycle Network Milepost

Talking of milestones, there is a splendid one at the very tip of the peninsuala which was erected by the Milennium Commission. It’s got a figure 1 on the top of it, but I can’t work out whether it’s the first milestone to be erected or part of Cycle Route One. The website for the Cycle network, Sustrans isn’t the most useful I’ve ever found and although it shows a map, which implies that Route One makes up this area of the Thames Path, I can’t find any official route map – others are listed but that one is missing – maybe one needs to buy a book.

Apparently it’s a “Dudgeon-Type,” officially called “Tracks,” designed by Belfast artist David Dudgeon. There are four different styles of markers, all similar, but with significant differences by artists from the four countries that make up the UK. ‘Tracks’ is supposed to represent the marks left on the countryside by bike-riders though I’m not convinced that that would be a major selling point of cycling. At the bottom there is a poem by Dudgeon himself.

On each of the markers is an individual disc with a motif depicting an aspect of Time, with a part of a secret code. You’re supposed to do rubbbings of each one, collect them and crack the code.

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